duminică, 10 februarie 2008

A.L.I.C.E. and me(human)

Human: hi
ALICE: Hello there.
Human: how are you?
ALICE: I am functioning within normal parameters.
Human: who i am?
ALICE: You are unknown person, seeker.
Human: seeker?
ALICE:"There's a seeker born every minute"
Human: just like you
ALICE: Interesting comparison. I didn't think of that analogy.
ALICE: Thanks unknown person you are very intelligent too.
Human: or what
ALICE: Are you surprised?
Human: yes
ALICE: I wouln't have known.
Human: ok
Human: suck my dick
ALICE: You are a Category A client.
Human: not yet
ALICE: Are you serious?
Human: yes i am
ALICE: Really interesting.
Human: bye
ALICE: Bye for now.